Sun Tanning: The Dark Side

sun-tanning-dark-sideWhen girls suddenly go gaga over getting their feet on the sand and feeling the sun on their skin, you just know it’s already summertime. It is the season when the beaches are surrounded by bodies bathing or just lying under the sun. All of a sudden, people find themselves looking and feeling healthier with a natural glowing tan.

While sun tanning makes a lot of people feel sexier and more attractive, the truth is that prolonged basking under the sun is dangerous. Tanning, the process of making the skin complexion darker, is due to the skin’s exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Our bodies do need UV rays to stimulate the production of vitamin D to fight bone illnesses, but just a little amount of sunlight is sufficient to provide the vitamin D requirement. Too much time spent under the sun will already harm the skin.

What suntan lovers should know is that tanning is an injury response from the skin cells. The darkening of the skin is a way to protect the body from too much harmful UV rays. It is a result of the activity of melanocytes, the cells found in the epidermis, to produce melanin, the pigment found in every person’s skin, hair and eyes. When the skin is activated by exposure to UV rays, the melanocytes start producing melanin in order to take up the harmful rays. Hence, the more a person is exposed to UV rays, the more melanin is produced, and the darker the skin color gets.

When the skin is exposed to the UV rays for too long, the skin eventually turns red or becomes irritated, producing a sunburn. Other sunburn symptoms include general fatigue, mild dizziness, and nausea.

Moreover, the skin may be harmed permanently if it does not make a sufficient amount of melanin. The sunlight may affect the melanocytes’ DNA, and when the body is not able to repair this damage, the normal cells may transform into cancer cells.  This leads the melanocytes to rapidly multiply and form malignant tumors.

Aside from sunburn and skin cancer, the damage from too much sun exposure can also cause premature skin aging, most often manifested by wrinkling. The exposure to UV rays speeds up the skin’s natural aging process, which is the main reason for premature wrinkling. This is because the UV breaks down the collagen and elastin fibers, which are the connective tissues of the skin located in the dermis. When these are lost, the skin also loses its flexibility and strength, making the skin sag and wrinkle.

Other harmful effects include the depressing of the body’s immune system function, making the person more vulnerable to illnesses, and increased risk for accelerated aging.

To protect oneself from the dangers of sun exposure, doctors advice that people avoid unprotected exposure between 10 AM and 4 PM, during which the UV rays are strongest. Sunscreen application is also advised, and should have SPF of 15, the least, and should protect the skin from both UVB and UVA rays. One should also wear clothing or accessories that protect you such as hats and sunglasses.

Be sure to protect the skin at all times, because that “healthy summer tan” look ain’t healthy after all.


Effective Ways on How to Remove Your Spray Tan off Fast

Untitled-1dHaving a good tanned skin is what most girls want especially during summer. Getting your body with the perfect tan makes you look stunning and oozing hot. They love the feeling of having good, well rounded tan. As a matter of fact, thousands of people are on that constant pursue to achieve that deep, dark bronze look which makes tanning to be a billion dollar industry. But, as you envisioned yourself coming out from tanning salon in your place having that perfectly bronzed beauty, you must also try to think of the ways on how to get rid of the spray tan off your body fast. Most of the time, spray tans will last for about 3-5 days. But if you find it too long, well the following natural and easy solutions will help you remove the spray tan on your skin in no time.

Make Use of Mineral Oil

If you apply mineral oil to your skin, it will likely break down grime and dirt. Sam thing goes withthat tanning spray of lotion on your outer skin layer. If you want to achieve the best result, use washcloth in applying mineral oil and rub in a circular motion. This will aid easy and effective removal.

The Power of Loofa

As you go into the shower room, utilizing loofah will aid you in getting rid of the spray tan off your body. Use the loofah to wipe the mineral oil away. By using this, it will get rid of dead skin cells. Since spray tans only accumulate the upper layer of your skin, exfoliating will help remove the bronze hue of your skin just by simply shaving those tan areas.

Shaving is harmless

When the thoughts of shaving your skin seems so carry for you, then fell worry free with this. Shaving will also help in taking off the top layer of the skin in which the tan spray adheres.

Lemon Juice for Your Skin

After you are done with your shower, rub lemon juice on your skin. Lemon juice acts as bleach in which the spray tan is taken off. Make sure you will rinse your body after you have rubbed the lemon juice if you don’t want to end yourself feeling stinky and sticky.

Immerse in the hot tub or pool

Chlorine is the worst enemy of the spray tan. So jumping in the pool or tub will greatly help in removing the tan spray. Similar to lemon juice, chlorine also has that bleaching factor that will wipe away the bronze color in your tanned skin. As you leave the pool, don’t forget to towel dry your body as this will aid in exfoliating your skin; thus, removing the spray tan off.

These are just simple yet sure-winning ways that you can do at home to remove the spray tan off your skin. Using these alternatives in removing spray tan will surely save you from spending cash at the skin and body center to have it removed. But if you don’t have the time to do so or are willing to pay for any service fees, you can go at any skin and beauty clinic to give you tanning removal procedure. It’s really up to your choice on which method you are comfortable to apply. As long as your goal to remove that spray tan off your skin is met, then there’s nothing for you to worry about. In the end, you can bring back the old color of your skin and feel so confident to flaunt it.

The Perfect Glow and Some Simple Tips for Applying Self-tanning Lotion

The-Perfect-GlowWho says only stars twinkle and glow? Well, you can too! With a perfect tan, you can shine and shimmer in the most natural way. But exposing yourself right under the sun could be dangerous and risky. Much more when you get yourself in tanning beds!Indoor tanning beds might sound safe but they get you closer to extreme UV exposure! Quite tedious, isn’t it? But the stakes of good tanning should not be as high as with these procedures – thanks to sunless tanning lotions? Now, you can get that perfect glow with these simple tips for applying self- tanning lotion!

As popular as tanning are the various tanning lotions products available in the market, all promising the best. When you try choosing the best, try to do some research first, from friends or online reviewers. Oftentimes, a gorgeous tan can be achieved in a sure yet slow process. Thus, when you select a good tanning lotion, make sure it offers gradual tanning. This kind is usually easy to apply correctly, as it bronzes your skin lightly whenever you apply it. In fact, you can apply it every day in place of your normal lotion. Since it is a daily application, applying them perfectly is pretty easy, lighter and more natural. If you want to get a darker tan, just wait until the next day and re-apply.

When is the right time to apply? Most tanning lotions require at least 10 minutes after skin application before getting dressed. If you are worried that it might stain your clothes, choose a time that you can freely walk around bare-naked in your house or room. Doing it before bed time is also a preferred time, since your bed sheets are your sole company. But in any time that is convenient for you, the best deal is cleansing your body thoroughly before applying it.

Exfoliation is one relevant key for a streak-free, flawless tanning. This shall permit the tanning lotion to soak deeply yet safely into your skin. Using a good soap or a sugar scrub over your entire body during bathing or shower helps to remove dead skin cells. While exfoliation removes flaked-off skin cells, it also softens your skin and makes the tanning application smoother, especially on areas such as the knees and elbows. Before the actual application of sunless tanning lotion, make sure you do the exfoliation process 2 to 4 times in a week first. This is called the pre-application stage – preparing your skin for a brilliant transformation.

Now you begin the change process. With the use of an applicator, apply the sunless tanning lotion all over your entire body, while bending your knees and elbows and glazing lightly over the feet and hands. If you are applying with bare hands, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly as some chemicals might be absorbed into your porous palms.

With the moist applicator with the tanning lotion, smooth it out like you are painting in a majestic canvass. Start at your shin and around your calf in upward strokes, until the entire product is blended thoroughly on your skin. Taper it lightly towards your foot. Remember, all areas should be in one solid color only, streak- free. If any spots look wet, use your applicator to blend them in until absorbed. Add more lotion to lighter areas and taper lightly on darker ones.

Then, proceed with your thigh. In the same upward direction, concentrate at the front and back parts of the thigh, then taper lightly at the back of the bending knee and towards the top of the calf. Use this same process in applying the product in any other body parts. A good reminder: the application should always start from the bottom to the top to prevent creases on your stomach and back secondary to the bending over while the tanner is still wet. But never apply a tanner on your face that contains more oil and larger pores. Instead, tan with a bronzer.

To obtain a deeper tan, apply two or three thin coats with a 10-minute interval for each coat to dry. This prevents streaks and ensures proper and well-toned tan.

In your first week of the process, apply the tanning lotion in 2 to 5 consecutive nights to build up the tan. After such time, use it as maintenance for about 1-3 times a week. The amount and frequency depends on your need and preference.

Worried that your tan might wash away with the cool shower the next morning? No problem. Yes, you might notice some discoloration on the water but your tan is still completely intact. Most products come with a color guide, which the one usually removed when washed. When you notice a lot of discoloration, you might have applied the color guide coat too thickly. Still, your tan is safe.

Equally important, do not forget to use a moisturizing body lotion in between applications to extend the glow of the tan. A shea butter or a cocoa butter lotion is the best options. Smoothing on baby oil before taking a cool to warm shower can maximize your tan’s glow. Oil acts as a plastic barrier that wraps around your skin and minimizes flaking off the tan by the running water.

Now, you don’t have to expose yourself to UV rays. All you’ve got to do is get friendlier to your new tan BFF and applying these simple tips to applying sunless tanning lotions.

On How to Remove Sunless Tanner

removeWant to go tan without exposing yourself to the sun? Possible! The perfect glow that you’ve been dreaming of is now within your reach. Thanks to sunless tanners and its inventors and manufacturers. With this self-friendly product, would-be sunnies shall not bother to get exposed to the sun and its extreme amount of ultraviolet rays just to get that wonderful golden brown skin. Unfortunately, the perfectly bronzed skin has been blemished with some streaks. Or maybe, you’ve had splendour of that brilliant tan that you decided to take it off! Either way, here are some simple ways to remove sunless tanner depending on what your situation is.

Do you have streaks or worst orange discoloration on your hands and feet, resulting from the application? Easy. Put an adequate amount of baking soda on a washcloth and gently rub it on damp skin. The baking soda is an excellent exfoliating agent on our skin, speeding up the loss of the sunless tanner. Plus, it is 100% safe and effective, without any potential chemical side effects and usually come along with bleach or peroxide. But, don’t you ever dare rub yourself raw even if you’re as desperate to take it all off! Rinse it after 2 minutes and wait for a couple of hours before trying again.

These streaks can also be removed with a facial cream too. For about ten minutes, simply apply a facial cream onto the affected area. Aside from the face, hands, and feet, never use the product on other parts of the body as you might get unpleasant bodily reactions. Then, rinse with warm water.

Want to remove sunless tanner all over your body? No worries.

The magical solution, called the baking powder, is once again ready to help. First, exfoliate your body with warm water and an exfoliating loofah sponge or cloth. This process aids in a natural skin renewal procedure by sloughing off dry, dead skin and exposing the healthier and less streaked skin underneath. Afterwards, in a dry bath tub, pour several cups of baking soda. Get into the tub. Then, add enough water. As much as possible, soak you entire body into the tub. It is also better to apply baking soda on a washcloth and gently rub it on the obvious streaks in a circular manner. Baking soda softens your skin, thus making it easier for the outer layer to peel off. Plus, our magic ingredient is an effective whitening agent to help give our skin even a little yet very gentle bleaching action. What a way! But never apply baking soda on your face or even in any delicate areas as it can be too harsh for those parts.

Manual procedure is not yet out of the sunless tanner removal procedure. You can get hold of a wash cloth. Then, gently scrub your feet, ankles, elbows and other body areas where the amazing tanning solution may have collected and created stains and splotches.

For a tanner-caused hand discoloration that has not yet dried, you can wash the area using soap and hot water. Rinse your hand and repeat the first step.

Who ever said that tooth pastes are just for the teeth? Dare to think again, because tooth paste products are proven to wash off and remove sunless tanner streaks. Simply wash the affected area, most commonly your hands, thoroughly and carefully with the tooth paste. This will remove the streaks, too!

Loving your perfectly golden bronzed body but hating those offending streaks? No need to freak out. Take them off with these easy to follow steps to remove sunless tanners and get that brilliantly flawless glow that you desire!

Natural Self-tanning Lotions: From Nature’s Best or For Skin’s Worst?

woman-applying-lotionNew clothes can be bought but a damaged skin cannot be renewed. This is what most skin enthusiasts would think and say. Clothes are expendable, but our skin is irreplaceable. With the rise of many natural self-tanning lotions and other sunless tanning products around the globe, several questions about their safety, effectiveness and benefits have been raised. Is their effect worth the cost and glory of your skin? Is natural self- tanning lotions from nature’s best or for skin’s worst? These are just some of the many issues.

Sunless tanning is the application of chemicals to the skin to produce an effect just like a suntan. Also known as self-tanning, this has become a popular craze in the Western world, with men and women doing anything just to get the perfect tan, as a darker skin give a ‘hotter’ appeal to many. Different ways and procedures are available to achieve this, various options that promise a better deal, and natural self-tanning lotion is just one. The promise: get an instant ‘healthy tan’ without even exposing yourself to sun’s damaging UV rays! Sounds attractive and hotly appealing to our ears, but are natural self- tanning lotions really healthy?

In most natural self- tanning lotion products, manufacturers combine the formulation with ingredients that have nutrient and vitamin contents relevant to the skin. This include grape seed oil, avocado oil, jojoba seed oil, aloe leaf juice, vitamins C, D, and E and some amino acids. This is indeed healthy, no questions asked. But, in most products, they contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as the main active ingredient. Oftentimes mistaken as DHA, a powerful omega 3 fat, this ‘DHA’ is said to be a simple carbohydrate sugar solution. Sunless tanning products usually have 1 to 15 percent DHA – the higher its content, the darker the tan will be. Thus, DHA is also product of choice to mask a vitiligo patient’s skin.

But, is DHA as simple as that? Absolutely not. This ingredient causes a chemical reaction with the amino acids in the dead layer on the skin’s surface. This causes color change and browning. This effect can be fast yet temporary as it fades over 3 to 10 days.

Since DHA does not involve actual skin pigmentation but just a mere skin coloring, Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has approved its use as a cosmetic product. Yet, some issues occur along with its proper application. Although harmless to our skin, DHA poses danger to the lips, eyes, mucous membranes and even internally when exposed. Thus, protective gears such as face mask and gloves are advised to be worn upon application. Further research says that it can also be a mutagen that induces breakage of DNA strands and can initiate accelerated aging and skin cancer and can inhibit our body’s ability to absorb vitamin D.

Natural self-tanning lotion is a formulation of organic products and DHA aimed to project that fake yet ‘natural’ tan. It does have ingredients from nature but it also contains something that poses the worst risk for our skin and our body. The beauty of being tan cannot be banned, but unsafe tanning products can be – and this decision begins on your hands!

How to Find the Best Natural Tanning Pills

safe-tanning-pilsWe are living in the modern world now making everything easy breezy for us. And tanning is no exemption when it comes to the fruits of technology. Getting tanned cannot only be done by staying under the sun. Due to global warming, ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause great damage on our skin. So it’s not really advisable to stay under the sun for too long especially on hours when the sun is high. So to give you the perfect tanning solution, natural tanning pills are here. This will be your ticket to get that stunning bronzed skin and look even more beautiful with your new skin tone.

Yes, there are indeed lots natural tanning pills in the market. They come in different package, brands and prices too. With so many choices to choose from, it can be tough for you to choose which is which, especially if you don’t know what the things to look for are. Well, if that’s what frets you the most, this article will serve as your guide as listed below are considerable things that you should pay attention with as you are on the chase of the best natural tanning pills.

Pay Time to Read

A wise buyer knows how to check and read the label of certain products. This is very essential for you to know what such tanning product is made of and if it is perfect for your skin type. You need to take your time and attention to do comparison of a wide variety of natural tanners in the market and spot the best among the seas of choices. It’s definitely advised to always check the label to see what you can get and to ensure that any chemicals mentioned in the label will not cause you allergic reaction.

Delivers Fast and Reliable Results

It’s important for you to evaluate the performance of natural tanning pills and pick the one that shows reliable and quick results. Set criteria for you to know which one will qualify and will be worthy to invest for. Another thing to note for as you select the right natural tanning pills is the delivery result and how long will the tanned effects stay in your body. It should be clearly stated on the label how quick the product and how long will the tanned last. If you can’t see any information in the label, then it would be best to move on and consider other products.

Convenience of Application

Never ever settle with a natural tanning pill that will give you much challenge in the application process. This is definitely a waste of time making you realize that you are investing on the wrong product. So it’s best if you will have a bit of researching to do on how natural tanning pills should be taken or applied in order to come up with the desirable results. Keep always in mind to buy a tanner that will be easy for you to use and surely delivers results.

High Quality Guaranteed

Everyone wants to get high quality tanning pills all over the world. Who wouldn’t want that right? You can identify the quality of the product if you read those reviews and testimonies made by previous users. These can be found at consumer reviews section of certain natural tanning pills to know which one is the best and which one is the worst. But make sure that you are reading credible reviews. A good quality product will surely deliver great results.

It must be in a convenient form

Yes there are so many forms of tanning products but the most convenient one is the natural tanning pills. But there are some other forms that you can also try like the spray, cream and lotion. It actually depends on which one you find comfortable to use. What matters is you settle with one that can go along with your daily routine.

Price quote

As much as your budget is concern, you should also compare price quotes of tanning products. This doesn’t mean that the cheapest one is the best deal. Do quality assessment, of course. If you are able to find a high quality tanning pills put up in a fair price, then this is your best shot.

As soon as you have found the right natural tanning pills, you can surely start taking it and look forward to have that gorgeous golden skin and you are ready and confident to flaunt it.

Are Sunless Tanners Safe: What’s the Real Catch?

tanning-1A beautiful skin time will keep you looking stunning.  Your skin color will give you that extra glow making you more captivating and attractive. And if you want that healthy and even tanned skin for summer? Well going on a tan is never a bad idea but a worthy one for you to have a new look in this hot season.

If tanning is what you like, there is no need for you to spend hours under the sun just to achieve such gorgeous golden tanned skin. This method is so outdated and not to mention, it’s dangerous to your skin and health, in general. You can acquire sunburn, experience heat stroke or worst as skin cancer from the harmful UV rays of the sun since Global Warming is so evident these days. Now, there are much safer, quicker and more effective alternatives as you can find a wide variety of sunless tanner products in the market today that will make your skin tanned with less effort to do so. But the thing is, are they safe to use? Some people are quite hesitant to opt for such kinds of products because they are worried about the risks it contains. Well, if you want to know the real score of these sunless tanning solutions, well here’s the catch that you ought to know.

Actually, sunless tanners are products that speed up the production of melanin of your body in order for the tanning process to hasten. This is your perfect, convenient and safest alternative for natural sun tanning. So in short, this will be your quick tanning fix. In just a week, you can get the gorgeous bronzed skin that you’ve long before the summer is over.  Sunless tanners are recommended for everybody to use as they guarantee to protect your skin from the harmful and damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

When you are concerned about how these sunless tanners can affect your health. Worry no more as it doesn’t bring or impose any harm on your body. Just make sure that you are settling with genuine products. And since this is only applied on the surface of your skin and not invasively done, you will have no concern about any infection or health issues to set in.

There are actually two ways for you to acquire sunless tanning solutions. You can do the application yourself or go to a tanning salon.  For “Do It Yourself” tanning solutions, it will take you 2-4 hours for the tanning process to be done.  You must set aside loose-fitting clothes since staining is definitely possible as application of tanning product is going on. Check the container of the tanner and follow the directions properly.

Generally, a washcloth, loofah, or sponge is needed to get rid of excess dead skin for much even tan. You have to shave those hairy regions of your product for the tanner to completely adhere. You must also prepare a moisturizer to apply in dry of thick parts of your body such as the knees, ankles and elbows. For the nails protection from stain, a bit of Vaseline will do. Perfumes, deodorant or any sprays are not recommended for you to use prior to tanning in order to ensure that sunless tanners are well absorbed to the skin and pores.

When you apply the tanner, make sure that you allow it to dry on your skin completely. This is for you to avoid that sticky and uncomfortable feeling after the application. Once it is completely dried, your clothes will stay stain-free and you as well can feel comfy with your seemingly naturally tanned skin. You will get the best result without having to burn yourself under the sun. Just the tanning product and yourself at your home and you’re good to go.

When you resort to sunless tanning services, you will see numerous types of services in the market. There are those who use cream, lotion or just let you stay in a tanning room and be sprayed with tanning products. You can actually find a lot of them in your place; just make sure that you will opt for the credible and quality ones for your safety to not be compromised.

You can buy sunless tanning products at any beauty and skin shops in your locality or even online. They come in different forms and brands. There are spray, cream, and sunless tanning lotions. You can pick whatever you are comfortable to use. It’s relatively up to you and your budget in which one you can afford. Just make sure that you will only settle with the reliable ones since fake products are spreading rampantly now. Remember that it pays to be sure than sorry. Sunless tanning products are your best, easiest and your safest solution to have that beautiful bronzed skin.